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Dance of My Painted Word Arrows     


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Dance of My Painted Word Arrows

This is the third offering in a series of Candece Tarpley’s work as she continues with her unique style of spoken word poetry stemming from her Sissipahaw, Tuscarora, Tsalagi heritage. These are more poems from Candece's original book,  Poems of a Dancing Lady.

Now, once again, the dance begins!  

Poems on this CD:

The Artist Playing, Lakota, She Hears Voices,  Bird Names Baby,  You Have Been Taught, My Man of the Clouds,  Nothing Stops a Powwow, Winter Comes,  New York Touchstones, Wanting to Hold You,  Sisters We Two,  Porch Monkeys, Moonlight Tonight,  From Her Majesty’s Assistant.

 In The Quiet Volcano of Myself




From the linear notes:

Here we are again with poet/spoken word artist Candece Tarpley. She's back with another great CD entitled In The Quiet Volcano of Myself. If you missed her first CD, Birth At Last  here's your chance to rectify yourself.  You're gonna love it! Here she touches on Thoughts of Love, and the Love of Dancing, Flights of a Bird Woman and the Omnipotent God, Money. She also tunes into the Earth Mother and allows the Buffalo Nation to speak.  Take a moment, sit back and emerge yourself in multiple healing vibrations while she reads her poems and shares her gift. This time she even has a good story for you. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride! '

   Birth at Last   



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Birth At Last  is the first in a series of unprecedented inspirational spoken word poetry unlike anything you've ever heard. Feel Heyoka Man, a tale of love between a Native woman and man sharing traditional ways, see The Changeling Cloud bestow a life changing experience only the Cloud People can bequeath. Fly freely through the night with musical horses on Horse in My Bed. Get comfortable and prepare yourself for this delectable treat in poetry. In the spirit of sharing come join Candece, be Horripulated and enjoy this wondrous ride.  
Poems of a Dancing Lady




Soon to be Released: 

                Encore: Poems of a Dancing Lady II

Wanderings Through My Neighborhood

High Flying Haiku

Cinquain- Spirit of Five Lines   


Beautiful and Inspiring....

'Birth At Last' is a beautiful compilation of poetry by the artist and I would recommend it to anyone, especially to those with a love of Native culture. It's also very humorous and exciting with poems like Horse in My Bed and Horripulate. The artist's way of expressing her work is further captivating and it's easy to find yourself absorbed in her poetry with her alluring voice. It's lovely and an inspiration to all who are lucky enough to listen'

Kelly Dennis, Indigenous Rights Activist/ Tribal Lawyer
'Candece Tarpley has put together a wonderful collection of poems on this release. Her work evokes images of Native American life experiences with joy and verve. "Horripulate" is especially my favorite. The expressive verses and emotions are captivating in its delivery. If you love Native culture, then this CD would be a great addition to your collection'
Ramsey Jones, Musical Historian/ Drummer

Multidimensional, multi talented, Native American artist, Candece Tarpley, is an exquisite, masterful storyteller who delights in transporting her listeners back and forth through incredible experiences and emotions. If you've enjoyed listening to Candece's CD, you've got to read "Poems of a Dancing Lady" for more insight into this expressive, gifted woman's journey'

Denise Silva-Dennis, Artist/ Crafts person/ Teacher